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Why don't we have sales on the website?

At Isakin, we manufacture small quantities (between 10 and 40 pieces per model). Many of our items are sold out within a few weeks, so we don't have the problem of big brands having to get rid of their stock.

We do not make seasonal collections that would become obsolete every 3 or 6 months. We decline our basics, hoping to make them timeless, and see them worn for several years. We encourage responsible and thoughtful consumption and not impulse buying just because the price is reduced.

We manufacture mainly in France. Our shirts, pants, sweatshirts, coats, jackets and accessories are made in Paris, Le Mans and Avignon by tailors who we remunerate at their fair value. We are committed to offering well-designed clothes with beautiful materials at a fair price. For this we sell directly, without intermediaries.

Most brands sell at an inflated price all year round with a big margin (up to x20 for some luxury or fast fashion brands). We practice a fair price all year round, our margins (between 2 and 3) allow us to pay the charges and continue to create. If we sell at a reduced price we have no more margin.

We had the opportunity to do sales in recent years, especially in 2020, the shop having been closed for a long time, we wanted to make new things. we even tried black friday!

We do not do price reductions on the whole shop, nor on the site, but during this period, we offer some items at a reduced price (when there is only one piece left, in a single size), only in our shop in Paris. Because we are aware that some of you like us but do not have the budget to buy our brand often and we want to continue to have you by our side.

Apart from the ISAKIN brand, the other brands that we sell, which have chosen to make sells in their shops and on their sites, will also be on promotion at the shop in Paris.

Come see us for real!



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