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Our vision of Made in France

I remember speaking with a salesman, from a French shoe brand which we were interested in selling within Isakin. He told me straight in the eyes, "our product are made on our soils by workers with white and innocent hands".

That's the day I understood that we don't have the same conception of the "made in France", or of "France" actually.

Our products are all assembled in France, from Avignon to Le Mans, passing through Paris of course. The craftsmen or workers with whom we collaborate are experienced, old, young, ambitious, alone or in teams, black, white, mahogany, yellow, in fact we don't care. 

We just want to work with people close to us, sharing the same requirement of well done work, the same love of beautiful clothing. 

Isakin does not pollute and manufactures in France since 2013. 

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