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ISAKIN - 9, rue André del Sarte 75018 Paris

The ISAKIN boutique is a bridge between the postcard and popular Paris, located equidistant between Montmartre and Barbes at 9 rue André Del Sarte in the 18th arrondissement. In 2013, Thomas Traoré invested in this former butcher shop with exposed fangs and tiles to turn it into the creative laboratory of the ISAKIN brand. Still in its infancy that year, the brand decided to welcome other labels sharing the same values such as Homecore, Olow and Veja, all three still present today. Over the years, happy collaborations follow one another (ISAKIN x Noël, ISAKIN x Kleman), while several independents join the adventure and singularize the proposal in store (Evil Money, Bosco, Billie Sacré Coeur...).

The neighborhood, which has all the feel of a small village, breathes to the rhythm of the comings and goings of the residents, and claims to be a real local business. Thomas and Ali, residents of the area for 10 years for the latter and since always for the former, had in heart to develop the store as a place of life and exchange with happenings often oriented music (mini concerts, signing sessions, music festival ...).

The website allows you to dress ISAKIN, but do not hesitate to go to the store where Ali will welcome you with a rare quality of service enhanced by his majestic “gouaille”.


ISAKIN was created in 2013. From the very beginning, the brand's genetics were apparent: a happy digestion of 90s urban culture combined with the artisanal demands of french haute couture. What could have been a tasteless hybridization becomes a label of "mature street" creation that proposes and flourishes a little more with each collection.

Thomas Traoré and Alexander Wise, co-founders of ISAKIN, set out from the start three founding elements that define the brand and their commitment: Upcycling, Made In France, Circuit Court.


Upcycling, or recycling, is now an imperative necessity in view of the ecological challenges we face. Since 2013, ISAKIN's collections require almost no specific production of fabrics and therefore no polluting use of dyes. Thomas travels to Japan, Italy and France to textile destocking units and directly to brands, especially in the luxury industry, to recover discarded materials. This ethic of reusing noble or technical materials implies the rarity of each garment, between 20 and 80 pieces maximum. 


The concern for recycling from above is obviously accompanied by 'Made In France'. The sewing workshops with which we collaborate are mostly Parisian, some even in the Chateau-Rouge district a few blocks from the boutique. ISAKIN cuts, assembles, and assembles its collections exclusively in France with the avowed aim of perpetuating the excellence of tailoring that characterized our country a few decades ago. Therefore, we work with Moncapel in the Pyrenees, the last French production factory that can boast of making felt berets and caps. This example, among others, illustrates our desire to collaborate with entities close to our conception of clothing to offer a unique product, 100% French from the idea to the sale.


ISAKIN's quality charter in terms of Upcycling and Made In France induces the fierce will of the Short Circuit between all the stages of the production of the garment and this until the sale. This conditions prices that we want to be both reasonable and respectful of the meticulous work of sourcing and making provided upstream of the boutique. ISAKIN, since the first successes of the brand, has decided not to be distributed by large retailers in France and abroad. This firm and apparently counter-productive decision is in line with our founding values and our concern not to inflate prices. Our collections and our entire range of products are therefore only available in the boutique and on the website.

Communication and events are done in the same spirit as the clothes, in short circuit. The muses such as Vincent Rottiers and Jay One gravitate as friends around the brand, as well as Oxmo Puccino or Jazzy Bazz who honored the store with their showcases, not to mention the latest music festivals with high voltage, where DJ Weedim and DJ Pone send decibels filled with gluten right in front of the ISAKIN store.  


Thomas Traoré
Designer, Artistic Director and Cofounder of ISAKIN.Passionate rapper with the band Octobre Rouge and solo, former distributor of the brands Obey, Keep and Mishka among others.

Alexander Wise
Co-founder and Photographer of ISAKIN.Graphic designer and photographer, well known in the French rap scene (iconic cover for the album Les Princes De La Ville by 113, Opera Puccino by Oxmo Puccino ...)

Partner and ISAKIN shop managerFormer event production manager

Instagram - @isakinparis

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